My Childhood was Amazing!!

Hi, My name is Gresha, Im an addict. Words I never ever thought I would say in my life.

When I was a kid, I remember knowing I wanted a good job, I husband and a COUPLE kids. I wanted a nice big house with a white piqued fence, a huge back yard with a swing set and a sand box. I wanted to live the American Dream, doesnt everybody?

My childhood growing up was nothing short of amazing! Both of my parents worked fulltime, with great jobs, we never needed for anything, always had what we needed, and most of the time what we wanted. We were disciplined when we did something bad and praised when we did something good. My older brother, younger sister and my childhood was filled with awesome memories of camping trips in the UP, weekend hotel stays with family friends and so much more. I often ask myself, how did I grow up to be an addict? It wasnt anything my parents did, was not their fault. How you are raised, never determines what you turn out to be… So sit back, hang on, im gonna take you to Hell and back, im gonna talk about my addiction, how it got started and how I reclaimed my life and everything in between. A lot of words and actions i will speak of wont be for the faint of hearts, so please read at your own discretion …


2 thoughts on “My Childhood was Amazing!!

  1. This is Steve Warner.We spoke on Facebook today and you shared this link with me.I also have an account here on WordPress for basically the same purpose.I just haven’t started with my story yet But it’s brewing and going to come out real soon my friend.Like I said on facebook,I respect your honesty and transparency and thank you for sharing.God bless you and yours my friend


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