My World Was Flipped Upside Down

So I learned I was pregnant, wow!!! Im JUST 18, what in the world am I going to do? How am I going to tell the father, how am I going to tell my PARENTS!!!??? I went to the doctor because I was feeling sick, tired, groggy, never would I have thought about getting pregnant, I was on the pill!! Apparently, when on the birth control pill, one can not take antibiotics because it makes the BC useless, that, the Doctor could have told me, but failed to. Here we go!!! I tell the father and he contemplates the unthinkable for a minute, we all know what that is, and we all know i wasn’t for it!! Then adoption comes up for a minute, literally! chats not gonna happen, we are keeping this baby! Next step, my parents…

I was at school one day and this information was killing me keeping it a secret!! I told my councler, and she urged me to go home, call my mom AT WORK and tell her we had to talk, so i did. About a half hour later she was home, she must have flew home as she works in lansing, deep down, she knew what I was about to tell. “Mom, I dont even know how to say this….Im pregnant!” “I knew it! We havent been going threw as many tampons, your dad will be home in a couple hours, and you have to tell him yourself!” That was about it for mom, all that she said that I remember. A couple hours went by and it felt like eternity!! Finally, Dad pulls in the driveway, my heart is pounding as he walks in the door, sits his lunch pale down and I start “Dad, there’s something I have to tell you…..Im pregnant!” At this part Im bawling my eyes out, SO HARD!! What he says next is amazing! “BY WHO?” Thinking he was trying to lighten the mood and tension in the air! He came over to me, gave me a hug and tells me everything will be ok, they both will do whatever they have to, to help me, after all, they are gonna have a grandchild, their first! They continued to say the only thing they were dissapointed in was, I didn’t wait. Well it’s not like it was planned. This is another example of how they love unconditionally, and support me no matter what the situation, they’re awesome!

So now, we prepare to have a baby, we set up Doc appointments, get our lives situated to have a baby in the house, at my parents, mentally prepare ourselves, physically prepare ourselves.

Mothers day 2001 was my very first mothers day, my mom got me a little something, I was almost 6 months pregnant, my baby bump was getting big, I was feeling fat! Ugh, just feeling sick and horrible.

Its 2 a.m. on May 19th, I got up to go to the bathroom, went back to my room and get this sensation i was peeing my pants so I get up, I see water is dripping down my leg! I’m thinking “what the hell, I JUST WENT PEE, am I seriously peeing the bed right now?” Then it just wouldn’t stop, so I ran downstairs, woke my parents up, showed them and before we knew it, we were hauling ass in my dads old crown vic to the hospital… It was there, that the doc gave me the horrible, scary news! Im 6 months pregnant, and this baby is coming weather we want it to or not!!!


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